Ways To Get Support When You Want To Lose Weight

It’s faster and more fun to get slim if you have someone you can turn to for support. But how do you find someone who can give you that support?

It depends on your personal situation and those around you. Do you have someone you know who is supportive or has been through a similar journey?

Whatever you do – don’t go it alone, the journey will be easier and you could make some great new friends too.

How to decide where to look – ask yourself

Do you want to talk about my weight loss journey with someone I know or would I rather keep it private and talk to someone I don’t personally know

– What kind of contact do you want? phone, email, face to face, formal, informal, meetings or groups, online support or interaction?

How will you set it up? do you know someone supportive, do you want to join a paid for group, do you want something you can dip in and out of like a forum?

How much time do you want to spend on getting support? do you want appointments, meetings, travel or online contact you can fit in when you’re browsing or on Facebook?

Do you want formal support or informal support? do you want to talk to someone informally about losing weight or would you prefer talking to someone who is an advisor or certified in some way?

Your plan – is support provided with the method you want to use to lose weight?

Accountability – do you want to hold yourself accountable or do you want tools and forums to help you stay on track?

– Do you want free support or do you want to pay for it?

Who can you turn to?

B)Friend – do you have a friend you trust who is supportive, can listen and keep you inspired and motivated?

B)Family – is there someone in your family who can support you day to day. They will see the changes you are making in your life day by day with your diet or exercise. Can someone cheer you on or are they less interested in the changes you want to make?

II)Buddy – can you find a diet buddy? someone to share the journey with? someone with shared goals can be a really good source of support. You can share what you are doing and tips and keep each other accountable.

2. Someone who’s been there and done it – do you know someone who’s already lost weight with the method you want to use? If you know someone who’s lost weight with a diet can you ask them for advice?

5. Online support – do you like the convenience of online support? if you would find a local group inconvenient or prefer the privacy of online support this may be better for you. You can access the support you need when you need it without having to travel so it can be easier to stay on track.

6. Special online groups – for example for mums or brides etc. Try Mumsnet or NetMums or Confetti.

7. Forums – maybe you just have a question or want an opinion on something – there are lots of diet or weight loss forums or message boards where you can post or read about other people’s stories.

8. Facebook Group – join a group like a private Facebook support group where you can interact with other people going through the same thing as you.

9. Facebook fan page – find a diet fan page you like and follow it. You’ll get updates and can post comments.

10. Coach – get yourself a weight loss coach or mentor. Look for a local one to you if you want face to face contact.

11. Personal trainer – does your local gym provide a personal trainer or can you hire one to work with you? make sure they specialise in what you want – healthy eating, type of diet or type of exercise

12. Doctor – do you find your doctor easy to talk to? maybe they can provide support or refer you to someone or a local group you can go to.

13. Special groups – if you’ve just had a baby, your midwife may be able to recommend a group to go to to lose weight and for social meet ups too.

14. Groups – are there local groups you can join for support? these can be free or paid meetings with weigh ins etc.