The Only Calorie Equation You’ll Ever Need

While it’s true that there is no getting away from your tab of calories in and calories out but when you find out some simple ways to manage your calories you’ll find it’s easier to lose weight than you thought. The alternative to calorie counting is to eat the right foods for your unique metabolism. More on that in a moment.

Do you know someone who seems to get through loads of calories without piling on the pounds, and for some people the calories go directly to their waistline? The amount of calories you need depend of various factors – like your weight, height, sex, activity levels etc.

What affects how many calories you need?

Daily calorie requirements vary from person to person and depend on:

• weight
• age
• sex
• height
• growth
• temperature
• illness
• smoking and caffeine
• metabolism
• genetic blueprint
• body shape
• foods consumed
• sleep
• stress
• activity levels

Your Calorie Equation

Use the following calorie equation to determine your guideline daily calorie amount.


Multiply your current weight (in pounds) by 13, 14, or 15


Multiply your current weight (in kilograms) by 28.6, 30.7, or 33


13 [28.6] if you have a slow metabolism and do not exercise much 14 [30.7] if you do moderate exercise three or more times per week 15 [33] if you do energetic exercise more than three times per week

The result is your daily calorie requirement for weight maintenance:

_____________ pounds [kilos] × ______________ = ______________ calories per day

For healthy weight loss, you need to reduce your maintenance calorie intake by 20% (So that you consume 80% of the maintenance amount).

Multiply your daily calorie requirement for weight maintenance by 0.80.

The result is your daily calorie requirement to achieve healthy weight loss:

____________________ calories × 0.80 = ______________________ calories per day


For example, consider a 170-pound [77-kg] female who does not take any exercise.

Calorie requirements

Maintenance plan:

Calculation using pounds: 170 pounds × 13 = 2210 calories per day Calculation using kilograms: 77 kilograms × 28.6. = 2202 calories per day

Weight-loss plan:

Calculation using pounds: 2210 calories × 0.80 = 1768 calories per day Calculation using kilograms: 2202 calories × 0.80 = 1761 calories per day

Her customized weight-loss meal plan should provide around 1750 calories per day.

These daily calorie guidelines are just that – guidelines. Some people may need fewer calories to lose weight, while others may need more. The goal is to consume as many healthy calories as possible while still losing fat, because the more fuel you give your body, the harder your metabolism will have to work and the healthier your body is, the more food you can eat and still achieve or maintain your ideal weight.