How Water Helps You Slim

If a magic short cut existed for weight loss, water would be that shortcut. Water is the shortcut your waistline would love you for!

Our bodies are made up of around 75% water. Any variation from the natural balance causes serious disruptions in many metabolic processes that are vital to weight loss. Drinking water also helps the body to cleanse and detoxify. You need to drink around 2-4 litres of water per day, spread out gradually and not in large amounts at the same time.

Try to drink your water and finish late afternoon or early evening so that your sleep is not disturbed with trips to the bathroom.

The main reason people don’t consume enough water is because they don’t know how vital water is to optimum health and losing weight.

If you use plastic bottles, keep them away from the sun and from sources of heat. It’s worth buying a good quality refillable bottle which you can use over and over.
Install filters for your drinking water or invest in a whole house water filtration system.

Also, drink water at room temperature. Cold water takes longer to be absorbed and draws more energy from your body.

Many people mistake thirst for hunger because both sensations tell the brain that the body is in need of energy. As a result, a person who is dehydrated may misinterpret this feeling and end up overeating.

Several studies have been done in which people were told to drink water at the first sign or feeling of hunger.

Drinking enough water is one side of the equation, and drinking high-quality water is the other side. You can use a filtering system in your home like a filter jug an integrated water filtration system.

Tap water is frequently contaminated with heavy metals, chlorine, and toxins. Bottled or mineral water such as Evian and Volvic are good brands to choose.

If you weigh yourself every day, or several times each day you may find your weight fluctuates by a few pounds throughout the day – and most of this fluctuation is due to changes in water retention.

If you have a lot of salt, carbs and drink a small amount of water – you’ll retain a lot of water which will increase your body weight. If you drink plenty of water, and have a lower carb, low salt diet your weight will drop. The more water you drink – the less you retain it. Your body will only retain water if it needs to – for example if you are dehydrated by not drinking enough water each day.

Tips for drinking more water

  • drink evenly throughout the day
  • have a reusable water bottle with you so that you always have water to hand and save money on mineral water
  • add more water to shakes or soups
  • measure out your water in the morning so you can keep track of what you’re drinking