How To Avoid Or Get Rid Of Loose Skin If You Lose Weight Fast

Maybe you’re losing weight or you’d like to lose weight but you’re worried about having loose skin if you lose weight too quickly.

If this is on your mind, don’t worry. People often wonder about loose skin but by understanding more about the process you’ll find out how to avoid it or get rid of it if you loose weight fast.

Your skin

Your skin can stretch a lot – for example during pregnancy, and gradually returns to the shape of your body. But there is a lot you can do to avoid getting loose skin or to get rid of it if you have loose skin after losing weight.

Your body type

One factor which will influence whether you are likely to get loose skin is where you carry your excess weight. For example if you carry your excess weight evenly around your body then your skin has not had to stretch as far, compared to if you are prone to carrying your weight in one area – like your stomach for example.

Stay in control

The bottom line is you won’t suddenly wake up one morning with lots of loose skin. It’s not like rolling a dice and waiting for the result.

You are in control and can speed up or slow down as you like. You will see your progress day by day week by week and can adjust the speed if you need to. It is a gradual process and if you find you are losing weight too fast then just slow down.

Make sure you choose the right method to lose weight for you. For example if you lose weight with a diet, make sure you:

• understand how your diet works
• have the support you need
• know how to slow down if you need to, while still staying on track at the same time

If you lose weight with a diet and exercise then focus your exercise on the areas of your body that concern you most.

If you lose weight with exercise alone then loose skin is less likely to be a problem as you are toning as you go along. But make sure you improve your diet at the same time as the success lies in what you eat, not how hard you try and work it off. Make sure you nourish and hydrate your skin with a healthy diet.

How to avoid or get rid of loose skin

Choose some suggestions from the list below, be sure to include at least water, and something to improve your circulation and nourish your skin from the list below.

– Loose weight at the right speed for you – make sure you listen and watch your body and slow down if you need to

Stay hydrated – drink 2-4 litres of water (plain water) each day

Nourish your skin with a protein rich diet

Limit your exposure to the sun (including tanning booths)

Limit your exposure to chlorine in swimming pools or hot tubs as it can dry out your skin

Improve your skin circulation and tone by:

A) Scrub your skin
Get a salt scrub to use at home or make your own. Rub a little oil on your body and then rub sea salt or even sugar like demerara sugar on your body. Do this every day or at least 3 times per week before having a shower.

B) Brush your skin
Use a dry skin brush and brush your body in long strokes towards your heart, do this on dry skin before going in the shower. Do this every day or at leas 3 times per week.

I) Have a wrap at a spa or beauty salon
Try a sea weed wrap or detoxifying wrap

1. Nourish your skin with oils and creams

A) Use a daily skin cream as a moisturiser for your body

B) Use a massage oil to increase collagen and elastin in your skin – massage your skin every day with oils like almond oil or jojoba oil, you can even use olive oil, as long as it’s a good quality oil like organic extra virgin olive oil. Do this after a bath or shower and allow time for the oil to be absorbed before getting dressed. Use an old towel to wrap around yourself while you wait for the oil to soak in. Don’t worry about making your skin greasy or getting spots by using oils on your skin. It will regulate your skin. Use around 1-2 teaspoons on your body and massage into your skin.

C) Use scar oil for any scars or stretch marks
Use oil like Bio Oil

D) Add essential oil to your massage oil (only a few drops – 1-3, as essential oils are concentrated, and don’t rub your eyes after using essential oils) use a few drops of lavender essential oil

6. Tone your skin with toning exercises like pilates or with a resistance band – building lean toned muscles under your skin will tighten it

1. Improve your flexibility with exercise like yoga – it will make you and your skin more flexible

Where to buy oils

One of the best places to buy oils for your skin is Baldwins, they sell some of the best value highest quality oils and have a full range of organic or standard oils.