Focus On The New

If you want to create a new life you need to FOCUS on what you want to create for yourself – a life of freedom, ease and confidence where you can feel great and look great at the same time.

If you want a long hard slow battle, then try FIGHTING THE OLD – fighting with every single thought, feeling, action or habit that has played out so far.

If you want a faster, easier path then focus on BUILDING THE NEW:

  • achieving your ideal weight
  • feeling better
  • having more energy
  • being healthier
  • having more confidence
  • wearing the clothes you want
  • doing the things you want
  • being fully present in the moment

Change your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions by focusing on the new, not the old. Let go of all your all habits and:

  • think about how you want your life and body to be
  • feel confident and empowered about where you are heading
  • act by creating new habits, behaviour, routine and lifestyle for yourself

Instead of struggling endlessly – you’ll be focusing on your new life. You will switch from the negative to the positive in an instant – and once you start to see progress you’ll get to where you want to be faster and easier than you thought possible – because you’ll build momentum.

As your journey gets easier, it becomes more fun at the same time people around you will look at you in awe and amazement.

If you find yourself getting caught up negative self talk or trying to break old habits, remember you are diverting your thoughts and feelings away from where they need to be.

Don’t think about what you don’t want – think about what you do want and you’ll make it happen faster and easier than you thought possible.

Where do you want to be in the next 30, 60, or 90 days?